Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Greenhorn Commander

Yesterday a new subordinate joined my team. Both of us will work on Corporate Social Responsibility projects and activities for the company.

Gone were the days where I was a one-woman show, enjoying the freedom of doing whatever I want, as long as the work gets done with quality. Now I have become a 'commander' with someone to supervise and to take responsibility for.

I'm gonna take this opportunity to polish my soft skills – management, communication, supervisory, delegation, etc. apart from being a good role model to my new subordinate who is a fresh grad :-) Carpe Diem!

I still remember when I was a greenhorn executive just stepping into the corporate world. I had many superiors and colleagues who taught me a lot about the corporate world and how to survive in it. I am eternally grateful to them for the knowledge they shared with me.

Now that I’ve reached middle management level in my career, I have to take on more responsibilities including having to supervise my subordinate. And I hope I'll make a good leader like what my former colleagues did for me. I bet it’s gonna be a fun-ride all the way!


Sree said...

wow boss sekarang? can we see your subordinate soon? is it a he or she?
well done Julie,way to go

Julie Lim said...

Thank you, thank you :-) It's a 'he', btw ...

J.T. said...

Congratulations on your new responsibility. Hopefully this guy will not carry a chip on his shoulder and think that a woman should not be his boss. haha
(just a note of precaution because I have come across some who have that problem)

But seriously, knowing you, I say you will do well. It will be a fun ride. Giddyup!

Raymond said...

women bosses are generally hard to please....not sure bout julie tho lol lol

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