Monday, 4 August 2008

Robbing the Underprivileged

The Happiness Centre for the Mentally Disabled Children in Klebang, Malacca was robbed last week. Thieves stole their cooking utensils, making it difficult for caretakers to prepare meals for the special children who are on a special diet.

To read the complete report that appeared in The Star (3 August 2008 issue), click here: Thieves steal cooking utensils from disabled kids' home.

How can these thieves have the heart to do such a thing, robbing the destitude of society? The thieves either do not have a conscience, or they must have been pretty desperate.

This report reminded me of a similar incident of robbing the underprivileged, but in a corporate scenario.

My colleagues and I were working on a charity event for an orphanage and ordered t-shirts for the volunteers and orphans. Money for the t-shirts came from a special fund set-up by my department for that particular orphanage. We had to raise funds to ensure money doesn't run out.
In the process of getting quotes and viewing samples, we discovered that the supplier was not only overcharging us, but also supplying us with low quality products.
I think the dishonest supplier thought that us being a multinational corporation, price wouldn't matter because we would be able to pay without considering the price. But he didn't know that the money comes from a fund that relied solely on funding from volunteers.
In the end we changed supplier after giving the supplier a piece of our minds.
My boss had the last say in that incident - "Those who cheat orphans will burn in hell!"

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