Thursday, 7 August 2008

Chinese Mummy

I watched The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor yesterday at KLCC. Wanted to utilise the promotion at TGV where all tickets are RM7 on Wednesdays, hehehe.

Here are my observations and thoughts on the movie - from a layperson's perspective:

1) Michelle Yeoh, sorry Datuk Michelle Yeoh's acting was like kayu.

2) Brendan Fraser has a body to die for.

3) They should not have cast the following:
  • Jet Li as Emperor Han. I think they should have got a more vicious looking evil emperor. I'm sure the casting fellas could have found another more vicious looking Chinaman. Maybe they didn't look in Pandamaran and Jinjang. Imagine if they had cast Jackie Chan as Emperor Han ...

  • Maria Bello as Evelyn O'Connell. Somehow I still prefer Rachel Weitz. It's a pity she was pregnant when they filmed this movie. Otherwise her spunk and kick-ass attitude would have made the movie so much better.
4) Why did Lin summon the Yeti snowmen after all the carnage and gunfire? She could have done it at the beginning to save all the trouble. But then again it's a Hollywood production where gunfire and carnage are key selling points for a blockbuster.

5) Brendan Fraser has a body to die for. Did I write that already?

6) When Zi Juan died, I definitely knew they will show her reunited with General Ming in the afterlife. It's an unspoken 'rule' in movies that lovers must always, always end up together; unless they are Romeo & Juliet.

7) Emperor Han's ability to change into a three-headed dragon and a creature that looks like that creature from Lord of the Rings is totally, utterly, stupid and should not have been written into the script at all. I think the producers just wanted to show off their CGI skills.

8) Luke Ford who played Alex O'Connell looks a bit like Chris O' Donnell, remember him? Name also sounds the same.

9) Brendan Fraser has a body to die for ... Again ?!

10) Why did Zi Juan read the curse on Emperor Han in sanskrit but brought the army of dead Chinamen back to life in English? In fact, why did she speak Mandarin when Emperor Han was ruler circa 53 A.D. and then speak English in 1947? Living in Shangri-La for 2,000 years must have given her ample time to pick-up the language.

11) I think there will be another sequel to this Mummy franchise, because the movie ended with Jonathan Carnahan leaving the Imhotep nightclub for Peru. Will we see the O'Connell's battle Inca mummies next? I'd rather watch my mummy prepare dinner at home.

From a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being the best, I would rate this movie a 6. The previous two Mummy movies were much better.

My last thoughts - Let mummies remain where they are supposed to be - in Egypt, motherland of mummies. Don't make a movie on Chinese mummies, or Inca mummies or whatever mummy cause it's not authentic and might not able to engage viewers.

Luckily it was only RM7.


Anonymous said...

The one star I plopped on this clunky bore-athon is due to the presence of the great Jet Li as the evil Dragon Emperor of the subtitle and the gorgeous Michelle Yeoh as Zi Yuan, a witch who's been on the Emperor¹s ass for over 2000 years.

Peter Travers
Rolling Stone _mummy_tomb_of_the_dragon_emperor

martial-arts superstar Jet Li triumphs as the mostly wordless evil Emperor Han of ancient China, a glowing magma spirit locked in a terra cotta shell.

Jane Horwitz
Washington Post 073100734.html

Still, Li makes a great villain, using his powers to create fire, ice and other elements.

Edward Douglas
Coming Soon

Toward the end of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh launch into a vigorous sword fight — and what a grand pleasure it is to watch these two world-class stars in action again...Their duel atop the Great Wall of China is a reunion of titans, an Old Timers' Day for two actor-athletes still in their sinuous prime. Forgive the effusions of an alter-kocker fanboy, but the flinty glamour of Li and Yeoh — buttressed by the stolid, sneering presence of top Hong Kong villain Anthony Wong Chau-sang (who in 1993 appeared in 15 films!) — is the best reason to catch this third in the series of Indiana Jones knockoffs.

Richard Corliss

A memorably badass Jet Li.
Nathan Rabin
AV Club

Julie Lim said...

Anonymous, you must be a die hard Jet Li fan.

Salt N Turmeric said...

I didnt mind Jet Li in the movie altho he looked old, dont u think? but i agree with the rest esp the fact the BF has a body thts to die for! lol.and ur right abt MY, i was expecting much more fr her but she was so boring in the movie.

ur comment abt her using english cracks me up. I asked hubby exactly that when we were watching it. why english? was tht a blunt fr the director's or scriptwriter's part?

p.s. MB sucks big time. bring back RW!

Julie Lim said...

Salt & Tumeric,

Yes, Jet Li looked older indeed. In fact I think John Hannah is the one that looks the most older - with with much more white hair from the 2 previous Mummy movies.

Isn't it amazing how we ladies analyze stuffs like this when watching a movie? Men just watch and enjoy ... Hahaha.

Sree said...

Dont miss Forgetting Sarah Marshall, light and good,no need to think.Wud give Mummy a miss, thanks to you, and wait for DVD.

Julie Lim said...

Mr Sree,

I'm glad to be an influence in your movie choice ;-)

Ok, based on your recommendation I'll watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Zohan looks pretty interesting too ...

Sree said...

In fact i shall be at klcc wed 630pm show again for FSM. Saw Zohan in Spore, never thought it would be released here.Wud be butchered by censors.Enjoyed it.Another movie where one need not think.

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