Sunday, 31 August 2008

My Merdeka Wishlist

Malaysia is 51-years-old today. Most people at 51 years of age would have made significant progress in their life - nurtured a family, have a stable job, bought a house and car, matured in thinking and behaviour, etc. However, being imperfect human beings, there will always be areas of improvement no matter how perfect life is.

In the same way, Malaysia has grown from a small agriculture based country to what it is today. Yet, despite all it's success, there'll always be areas for improvement.

As we celebrate Malaysia's 51st Independence Day today, let me share with you some items in my wishlist for a better Malaysia.

1) That all Malaysians will learn the food and culture of other races in Malaysia. Thosai, vadai, ketupat and lemang are common Malaysian food, and not something that can only be found in 5-star hotels. Learn about the food and culture of other races and don't be a katak bawa tempurung.

2) For more courtesy on the road. There's no need to get angry, step on the accelerator or show the finger when someone wants to overtake you. The person could be in an emergency.

3) For more consideration on the trains and buses. There's no harm in moving futher into the train or bus so that your fellow Malaysians can enter too. We all want to reach our destination on time. Oh yeah, pushing and shoving into the train before passengers can get off will only make matters worse.

4) For a more efficient transportation system. Delayed trains and unpunctual buses are something Malaysians have to tolerate everyday and it has gotten on our nerves.

5) That all eligible Malaysians register as voters. No point condemning the Government when you don't even bother to make a difference by exercising your rights as a citizen of the country.

6) That politics in Malaysia will not be based on race or religion, but based on building a nation of justice and peace.

7) That ALL Malaysians will be given equal opportunities.

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!


Sree said...

Excellent article Julie. I believe, in recent past,the younger folk are showing more tolerance Maybe the older ones do not want to change as they think it wont make a diff. Singularly education plays a major part.And most importantly the teachers.Many of us did well in our career due to some teachers who carved us in our tender age.

Julie Lim said...

Glad you like the article, Mr Sree :-)

You're right about the younger generation showing more tolerance. I guess it's because deep down inside we know it's wrong to treat another human being differently just because of his race or religion.

And of course the media and globalisation would have played an important role in changing the mindset as well.

No doubt our teachers carved us to succeed in our careers. But let's not forget our parents and Secret friends and Allies too ;-)

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