Monday, 11 August 2008

Educare Night

Last Saturday I attended Educare Night, a charity dinner to raise funds for Educare. Educare is a charity project initiated by the FMDM Sisters and affiliated to the Catholic Welfare Services of the Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese.

The Mission of Educare is to reach out to those in want - particularly the poor and the vunerable and to enable effective empowerment through Education and Care. This project is based in Port Klang.

The dinner was held at V Garden Restaurant in Histana Hotel, Klang.

YB Teresa Kok from the Democratic Action Party was the VIP in attendance. She is the Selangor State Executive Councillor, Member of Parliament & Assemblyman.

I wanted to snap a photo with her but she was too busy talking to so many people before hurrying off after the dinner. What to do ... politician mah ...

If you don't know how YB Teresa Kok looks like, here she is:

In her speech, YB Teresa Kok announced that the Selangor Government will be donating RM5,000 to Educare. She will also be making a personal donation of RM2,000; the magnanimous lady ...

The emcees for the night were Phat Fabes and Prem from Fly FM 95.8 in the Klang Valley. Here I am with these funny fellows:

Phat Fabes & I
Prem & I

For a RM50 ticket, I pigged out on a 9-course Chinese dinner:
V Garden Five Combination Special
Double Chicken Soup with Dried Scallop & Chinese Herbs
Steamed Silver Pomfret Fish Cantonese Style
Baked Prawns Marmite Style
Thai Style Chicken & Sesame Chicken
Mushroom, Bean-Curd Skin & Broccoli
Glutinous Rice Hong Kong Style
Ice Longan with Sea Coconut, Ginseng & Pearl
Two varieties of pastry

I didn't take any food pics because the people at my table 'attacked' the food before I could switch on my camera. Overall the food was good although I felt the pomfret was not too fresh. My favourite was the V Garden Five Combination Special.

Entertainment for the evening comprised a variety of performances by young people. Magician David Lai also amazed the crowd with his mind reading capabilities. A hilarious bunch of five blokes called The ComeBackKings (yup, there're no spacing in the name) ended the night with a hilarious skit that got everyone in stitches.

Apart from the entertainment there was a lucky draw and sale of wine, soft drinks, pyrex containers, sculptured balloons and handicraft to raise funds for Educare. The organisers announced that the dinner raised approximately RM65,000 for Educare, thanks to supporters and well-wishers.

I would like to end this entry with a message from Sister Marie Therese, FMDM, (Co-ordinator of Educare Centre) that appeared in the souvenir booklet. She wrote about the response of one of Educare's children during an interview:
"If you were asked to give one word to describe your experience of five years in Educare, what would that be?" Spontaneously, the young person replied "Love!"
Cheers to Educare ... Here's to many more years to come ...


asoka tennakoon said...

Wow, nice food and entertainment . Psst, next time if there is such an event let me know I will surely come too...

Julie Lim said...

Sure thing, Asoka!

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